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Richard Christy's Top 21
Halloween / Horror Movies
21. Subspecies (One of the scariest Vampires Ever)
20. Inside (Maybe the Goriest Movie of All Time)
19. REC (Scariest Movie I’ve Seen In Years)
18. Fright Night (Fun Movie With Cool Looking Creatures)
17. Black Christmas (Way Ahead of Its Time)
16. An American Werewolf In London (Funny and Scary as Hell)
15. The Exorcist (I Love Religious Horror)
14. David Cronenberg's The Fly (Saddest Ending To a Horror Movie)
13. A Nightmare On Elm Street (When Freddy Was Scary, not Funny)
12. Christine (Stephen King and John Carpenter, A Perfect Combination)
11. Creepshow (Stephen King and George Romero, Another Perfect Combination)
10. Day Of The Dead (My Favorite From the Dead Saga)
9. Night Of The Demons (A Halloween Classic)
8. The Evil Dead (Bruce Campbell Rules)
7. Near Dark (My Favorite Vampire Film)
6. Return Of The Living Dead (Punks and Zombies and A Lot Of Fun)
5. Halloween 3 (A Highly Underrated Horror Film)
4. Prince of Darkness (Amazing, Frightening Religious Horror)
3. The Fog (Perfect Atmosphere, Music, and Setting)
2. John Carpenter's The Thing (Greatest Creature Effects Ever)
1. Halloween (The Perfect Music, Story, and Ending. Basically The Perfect Horror Movie. All Hail John Carpenter)
Richard Christy's Top 5 Haunted Houses
5. Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Pen., Philly, PA
4. Field Of Screams, Lancaster, PA
3. Shocktoberfest, Reading, PA
2. The Edge of Hell and The Beast, Kansas City, MO

Halloween Horror Nights, Orlando, FL

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