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October 20, 2009
Richard Christy Appearance at Fangoria Trinity Of Terrors for the movie 'Albino Farm'

Hey Everybody, just wanted to give a quick update on my Fangoria Trinity Of Terrors appearance on Halloween weekend at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. The following is my appearance schedule for Friday October 30th and Saturday October 31st:

Friday & Saturday, October 30th & 31st:
5:15 pm ALBINO FARM panel- Brenden Theaters
featuring stars Richard Christy, Chris Jericho, Tammin Sursok & co-director Sean McEwen

Richard Christy Autograph Signing at the Metal Blade Records Booth (All times Approximate and Subject to Change):
Friday October 30th - 7:00 pm
Saturday October 31st - 6:00 pm

I'm so psyched to be a part of the Fangoria Convention on my favorite weekend of the year, Halloween! It's gonna be a blast and I hope to see you all there! Also, as a reminder, if you'd like to check out the awesome horror film Albino Farm that I appear in before our panel at the Fango Con, you can purchase Albino Farm here:

For tickets and more info about Fangoria's Trinity of Terrors in Las Vegas Halloween Weekend you can go to:

Well, Happy Halloween Everybody and hope to see you all in Vegas!

Richard Christy

September 30, 2009
Albino Farm, Trinity Of Terrors, Interview in Sick Drummer Magazne, Shannon Hamm, & Control Denied II

Albino Farm MovieHowdy Everyone and Happy Halloween Season!

The Best time of the year is here and I'm so psyched about pumpkin coffee, pumpkin beer, the leaves falling and checking out haunts all over the country! I've had a lot of things going on lately and some really cool stuff coming up that I wanna let you know about so here we go!

My new band Charred Walls of the Damned is in the final mixing stages for our album right now and I'm so pumped with how everything is sounding! I'm so proud of this album and I cannot wait for everyone to hear it. We're looking at an early 2010 release and we're also in talks right now to play some live shows sometime next year which I'm also extremely psyched about! We also filmed tons of video in the studio which we're planning on doing something really cool with. I'll have tons of news about Charred Walls of the Damned coming up in the next few months!

A horror film that I have a role in entitled Albino Farm is out now on DVD! It's a really fun film and also features fellow metalhead Chris Jericho, Kevin Spirtas from the Subspecies films (I'm a huge Subspecies fan!) and Duane Whitaker from Pulp Fiction and The Devils Rejects! The movie is also based in the Ozarks of Missouri which is really amazing for me because I lived there for a while in the 90's and I used to go to the real Albino Farm near Springfield, MO back in the day! It's a perfect movie to watch during the upcoming Halloween Season! You can purchase the film right here:

Speaking of Horror Movies, Halloween and Albino Farm, I will be appearing at the Trinity of Terrors, Fangoria's Halloween weekend convention in Las Vegas at The Palms Casino Resort! I've always wanted to spend Halloween in Vegas and now I finally get the chance! I'll be signing autographs at the Metal Blade Records booth and also there will be a screening of Albino Farm and a panel featuring some of the stars from the movie! I'll have plenty more details soon, hope to see you all there, and for now you can go here for more info:

I also recently did an interview with a really awesome online drumming magazine called Sick Drummer. I talked alot about my drumming influences, practice regimine and about my drumming on the new album from Charred Walls of the Damned! You can check out a mini issue of the magazine featuring the interview at:

You can also go to to get the full issue featuring my new interview and interviews with tons of amazing metal drummers!

Also, on a sad note, my dear friend and fellow bandmate in the band Death, Shannon Hamm, recently suffered a serious heart attack. He is doing better now but unfortunately he has incurred tons of medical bills and has no health insurance. If you would like to help out a metal brother here’s the info where you can donate to Shannon’s medical fund.

Please direct your donations to the following:

Wire transfer: Chase Bank – Attn Mandi Murphy
760 E. Merritt Island Cswy.
Merritt Island , FL. 32952-3509
(321)452-0482 phone / (321)452-2565 fax

Chase account info:
Name: Shannon Hamm
Routing No: 267084131
Account No: 852645043

Checks/money orders via snail mail:
PO Box 542038
Merritt Island , FL. 32954-2038

Via PayPal:

General Inquiries may be sent to

Death Chuck Schuldiner

I also want to remind everyone about a really cool giveaway and website that has been started to help raise funds to finish the second Control Denied album. The website has been started by my late friend Chuck Schuldiner’s family and if you’re a fan of Chuck’s music in Death and Control Denied, like me, you should definitely check it out! The website is:

The website is a great tribute to my dear friend Chuck and there’s also an opportunity to win a really awesome giveway and to receive some cool Chuck related items.

Well, I think that’s about it for now. Until next time, everybody take care and Happy Early Halloween!

Richard Christy

August 24, 2009
Charred Walls of the Damned Update, Chuck Schuldiner Website and Giveaway, Albino Farm

Hey Everybody, just wanted to say hey as I drink a pumpkin beer and write this update, my favorite time of the year is coming up!!!! It’s never too early to start celebrating Halloween in my opinion!

First off, the vocals for the Charred Walls of the Damned album are finished and sound INCREDIBLE! Mr. Tim “Ripper” Owens definitely lived up to his name! Tim came in and did his vocals in a very short five and a half days! The vocals sound so heavy and super melodic, I’m so psyched for everyone to hear it! Next up is the mixdown and we’re still looking at an early November release for the album. I’ll have plenty of news about the album coming up in the next few months. Trust me, the album is going to crush! If you’re a heavy metal headbanger like me, you will not be disappointed!

I also want to remind everyone about a really cool giveaway and website that has been started to help raise funds to finish the second Control Denied album. The website has been started by my late friend Chuck Schuldiner’s family and if you’re a fan of Chuck’s music, like me, you should definitely check it out! The website is The website is a great tribute to my dear friend Chuck and there’s also an opportunity to win a really awesome giveway and to receive some cool Chuck related items.

Also I want to remind everyone that a really cool horror movie that I am in entitled Albino Farm is coming to DVD on September 22nd. I’m a huge horror fan and I’m so psyched to be a part of this film because it rules! Plenty of scares and plenty of gore with some really cool special effects and a really cool story! It’s loosely based on a legend from Springfield, Missouri about a real Albino Farm which I’ve actually been to back when I lived in Missouri in the early 90’s! Check out the website for the movie at:

Well, that’s about it for now, take care everybody and keep headbanging!

Richard Christy

July 16, 2009
Richard Christy’s 'Heavy Metal Hoedown' show on Sirius, & update on CHARRED WALLS OF THE DAMNED!

Howdy everybody!

It’s been quite a while since my last update because I’ve been super busy with work, doing comedy shows on the weekends and getting ready to record the debut album from my new band Charred Walls of the Damned! I just got back from Audiohammer Studios in Florida where for the last two weeks we recorded all of the drums, guitar, and bass. I must say that I’m totally blown away by how everything is sounding! Jason Suecof is playing guitar and producing and he did such an incredible job on the album. He’s not only an awesome guitar player but he’s an amazing producer, and I’m so psyched with how everything turned out. The drum sound that Jason and engineer Mark Lewis got for me is astounding! Jason and Mark rule! The bass God Steve Digiorgio also flew down to Florida to lay down some monster bass tracks that people will be blown away by when they hear! The whole experience was a blast, I LOVE Audiohammer Studios. Ronn Miller who works at the studios made some killer BBQ for us everyday! I have to thank Jason’s buddy Jeremy also, he helped us out a ton with getting the guitars ready to record. The most awesome duck ever “Craig the Duck” came by every day to see us, he’s a wild duck that hangs out at the studios, you can see Youtube video of us and him if you type in Craig The Duck in a Youtube search. Also Jason’s dog Cain is one of the coolest dogs ever. Jason’s swimming pool rules too! I really want to thank all of the guys at the studio and everybody that came by to hang out! We’ll be finishing up with vocals from the amazing Tim “Ripper” Owens and also mixing the album very soon and Metal Blade is planning on releasing the album in early November so definitely keep an eye out for it and I’ll be posting plenty of updates here also.

Here are some links to some goofy Craig the Duck video from Audiohammer Studios:

I also want to let everybody know that I’ll once again be hosting the Hixonfest Heavy Metal Bash 2009! It’s Saturday night July 25 at The Pennant East in Bellmawr, New Jersey, near Philadelphia. First band starts at 9pm so get there early! This will be my third year hosting and I always have such a blast at Hixonfest! The guys from the band The Hixon are so cool and they’re an incredible band, plus this year an all female King Diamond tribute band named Queen Diamond and an all female Metallica tribute band named Misstallica will be playing! I’m psyched because I’m a huge fan of King Diamond and Metallica! There will also be raffles and prizes and tons of other cool things happening so make sure you come check it out!

For more info on Hixonfest go to Hope to see you there!

I’m also very psyched to be once again hosting my own hour long show on Sirius-XM Radio’s awesome Heavy Metal Channel, Liquid Metal! It’s called Richard Christy’s Heavy Metal Hoedown and I’ll be playing some of my alltime favorite metal bands like Wrathchild America, Nevermore, Amon Amarth to name a few and also I’ll be playing some of the bands that I’ve played in like Death, Iced Earth and Control Denied and I’ll be talking about one of my alltime favorite subjects - Heavy Metal! If you’re a metalhead like me, make sure you tune in! Here are the airtimes: (all times are Eastern Standard Time)

Thurs. 7/23 @ 4pm ET
Fri. 7/24 @ 2am ET
Fri. 7/24 @ 8pm ET
Sat. 7/25 @ 2pm ET

A horror film that I'm in entitled "Albino Farm" will be coming out this September and I'm so excited because the movie is awesome! I saw it at the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors 2008 and I'm so psyched because I'm a huge horror fan and I get to play a really cool part in this movie! My metalhead buddy Chris Jericho is also in the movie and he rules in it! Make sure you check it out this September. I'll have more info on it soon and you can also go to

I also recently filmed a part in the movie "Serial Buddies" produced by Maria Menounos and directed by Keven Undergaro. Maria, Keven and the whole crew were so great to work with and the movie is going to be hilarious! The scene I was in was extremely funny and I can't wait to see it on the big screen! I'll definitely have more info about the movie to come in the next few months.

Speaking of movies, if you haven’t seen the movie Bruno yet, you must see it! It is the most outrageous and hilarious movie ever! I saw it last Friday and was exhausted from laughing! I plan on seeing it many more times. I highly recommend it for anybody that loves to laugh their ass off! Sasha Baron Cohen is a genius!

I’d also like to apologize to all the people who friend requested me recently on Facebook. It seems that I’ve maxed out my 5000 friends and I can’t add anymore! Hopefully Facebook will change this rule soon, if they don’t then I’ll probably add a fan page or something sometime soon. If anyone would like to reach me the best way is my website email I personally check and answer every email that I receive.

Well, I think that’s about it for now, I hope I haven’t forgot anything. Thanks and take care everybody!


Richard Christy

May 20, 2009
I've signed a contract with Metal Blade Records for my new band CHARRED WALLS OF THE DAMNED!

Hey Everybody,

The Richard and Sal Show: Starring Sal and Richard! A Night of Comedy and Tomfoolery, is coming to California this weekend! We're in Venice, CA on Friday night, San Diego on Saturday and Sacramento on Sunday. I can't wait to come and party with all of our awesome California fans!

For information about venues and tickets you can go to: and

Well the word is officially out! I've signed a contract with Metal Blade Records for my new band Charred Walls of the Damned!

Here's a link to the press release from Metal Blade Records:

Here's a link to a new interview I did with

Here's a link to a new interview I did with

Needless to say I'm very psyched to get back into the Metal scene and I think everybody is going to be blown away by the new album!

Well, take care and hope to see some of you in California this weekend!

Richard Christy

May 12, 2009
Too busy to Twitter...

Howdy Everybody,

It's been a while since I've updated my site, Myspace and Facebook pages. I've been really busy with work, traveling and working on my upcoming metal album that I'm recording this summer. I apologize to anyone who's emailed me that I haven't answered back yet, trust me, eventually I will answer every email.

Everybody keeps telling me to join Twitter but it's hard enough to keep up with my Website, Facebook and Myspace Emails. If you see anyone on Twitter claiming to be me, it's not. I don't have a Twitter account nor do I plan to in the near future.

I have a lot of fun stuff coming up in the next few months. First off, this Saturday May 16th I'll be appearing at the bar Rhythm and Brews in Staten Island, New York. Come on out, have some delicious bar food and some drinks and hang with me! For info you can go to &

Also, Sal and I are bringing the "Richard and Sal Show World Tour" to the beautiful state of California this Memorial Day! We'll be in Venice Beach, CA on Friday May 22nd; San Diego, CA Saturday May 23rd; and Sacramento, CA Sunday May 24th (The Night Before Memorial Day). For information about Venues and Tickets go to

And to wrap up the "Richard and Sal Show World Tour" for the spring and summer of 2009 we'll be coming to Atlanta, GA on Thursday June 4th and Friday June 5th. We've never performed in Atlanta and I can't wait! For info on this show you can also check

Sal and I will also be appearing at a cool concert festival called Bama Jam in Enterprise, AL on Saturday June 6th. We'll be hanging out with everybody and announcing some of the bands, it's gonna be a lot of fun!

I'll also be making an announcement soon about the metal album that I'm recording this summer. I've been playing guitar a ton in the last several years and for about the past two years I've been writing a lot of metal music which I'm really proud of and can't wait to get in the studio to record! I've been a metal head since I was 8 years old and I can't wait to get into the studio to pound on the drums and record some crushing new metal music!

Well, that's about it for now, take care everybody and I hope to see you out on the road somewhere soon!

Richard Christy

April 16, 2009
Killers of Comedy in Kansas City this Friday! The Richard & Sal Show in Rhode Island next week!

Howdy Everybody,

Just a quick reminder that myself and Sal Governale will be with the Killers of Comedy this Friday April 17th in Kansas City, Missouri at the Voodoo Lounge at Harrah's Casino! For tickets and info go to It's going to be awesome to be performing for my fellow Kansans and Midwesterners and I hope to see y'all there!

I've been hanging with my family in Kansas this week and I'm having a blast! We saw the Kansas City Royals win against Cleveland yesterday which was a lot of fun, I've been a big Royals fan since I was a kid and this was the first game of theirs I've seen live since their World Series winning season in 1985! I've also had more than my fair share of Taco Tico, Sonic, and Gates BBQ!

I'm very sorry to announce that the Cleveland Richard and Sal Show in May has unfortunately been canceled. I sincerely apologize to all of our Ohio fans and hopefully we'll be able to make it up to you very soon and come back to do an amazing show for our great Ohio fans.

Another quick reminder that The Richard and Sal Show is coming to East Providence, Rhode Island on April 24th and 25th! For info go to

Well, that's about it for now, hope to see y'all at one of our shows! Thanks and take care!

Richard Christy

April 1, 2009
April 1st Birthday Ritual

Howdy Everybody,

As I prepare for my April 1st birthday ritual (tomorrow's my big 35!) of Eating a Papa John's Meat Lover's Pizza and watching my two favorite movies - John Carpenter's Halloween and Halloween 3: Season of the Witch tomorrow, I thought I'd give ya'll an update on some of the comedy shows that Sal Governale and myself are doing this week! (I'm also going to see the great band Steel Panther tomorrow night which is definitely going to be a headbanging blast!)

This Thursday April 2nd we're in Middletown, New York at Manhattan Comedy Club

This Friday April 3rd we're in Fort Lauderdale, Florida at Cinema Paradiso

And this Saturday April 4th we're in Jupiter, Florida at The Atlantic Theater.

For more info on these shows go to and

Come on out, have some laughs, and party with me and Sal The Stockbroker and Friends! Hope to see you all there! Take Care!

Richard Christy

March 20, 2009
New Show Dates & Intervew with Talking Metal

Hey Everybody,

Just wanted to give you an update on a couple of things. The Blender Theater show this Monday the 23rd has been CANCELED! I was really looking forward to the show, again I'm sorry.

Myself and Sal Governale will be in Stamford, CT this Saturday (March 21st) for The Richard and Sal Show: Starring Sal and Richard! A Night Of Comedy, Music and Tomfoolery! Come on out and have a great time! The show starts at 9pm at Hibernian Hall, for more info go to and Hope to see you there!

We've also added a New Jersey date to The Richard and Sal Show tour! We'll be in Sayreville, New Jersey Saturday, May 2nd at Primetime Comedy Club and Theater for a 7:30pm Show! For more info you can go to and and for tickets go to

For more info on all of The Richard and Sal Show tour dates and appearances you can go to and

I also recently did an interview about all things metal with John and Mark from the Talking Metal Podcast! We talked about tons of stuff and shared our love for Heavy Metal! If you'd like to check it out you can go to

Well, that's about it for now, hope to see you at one of our shows! Take Care!

Richard Christy

March 6, 2009
Sal and I are in Stratford, CT This Saturday! Tons of Richard and Sal Comedy Shows Coming Up All Across The USA!

Hello Hello!
As I type this update I’m enjoying some delicious Taco Tico from Fort Scott, Kansas courtesy of my buddy David who Express Mailed me some Sanchos in Dry Ice! I’m in heaven right now, Two Sanchos and a Glass of Wine equal one great night!

Well, to start off I just wanna remind everybody that my latest “Film” entitled Majestic Loincloth is on right now, just type in Majestic Loincloth in the search and it will come up, Enjoy!

I have TONS of comedy shows coming up with my Stern Show work buddy Sal “The Stockbroker” Governale along with many special guests! We have a new website dedicated to everything Richard and Sal, the website is There’s comedy dates, pictures, blogs, and many other fun things from Sal and Myself on the website!

Also, an amazing horror film that I’m in entitled Albino Farm will be released very soon! The movie also features Chris Jericho and many other legendary horror actors and I’m so psyched for everybody to see it! As soon as I find out the release date for the movie I’ll be posting the info on my Myspace page and also on!

Well, I hope to see all of you at one or our comedy shows or appearances coming up soon! Sal and I will be meeting and greeting all of the crowds after every comedy show so definitely come up say hi, take some pictures and have some laughs with us! Take Care and Hope to See Y'all Soon!

Richard Christy

February 23, 2009
Richard Christy's Film "Majestic Loincloth" Is Released! Tons of New Richard and Sal Comedy Show Dates!

Hello Everybody, I have tons of news about more Richard and Sal Comedy Shows but first and foremost I’d like to announce that after many years of talk and speculation from the Hollywood community, my film Majestic Loincloth has finally been released! This is a film that I shot way back in 2002-2004 and needless to say, it is possibly the Manliest, most Sword Swinging, Headbanging, and all around Idiotic movie of all time! If you want a good laugh then you should definitely check it out! It is on in Two Parts. Here are the Links To Majestic Loincloth:
Majestic Loincloth Pt 1:
Majestic Loincloth Pt 2:

Something else that’s on right now that I’m extremely proud of is video of me introducing my favorite band Coheed and Cambria at the legendary Madison Square Garden in New York City! I want to sincerely thank the guys in Coheed and Cambria and their manager Blaze for allowing me to introduce them at the most famous arena in the world! It was such a rush! If you wanna check it out you can go here:

Coheed and Cambria, Slipknot and Trivium sounded amazing that night! I know members of all three bands so I was very proud to see all of them playing Madison Square Garden which is something every musician, including me, dreams of! I’m still hoping that one day I’ll be able to play drums there.

Speaking of music, I can’t give any specifics right now but I will be recording some of my own music very soon with some very special friends of mine! I’ve been writing an album for the last three years and I’m hoping to release it by the end of this year, it’s very brutal, melodic metal and I’m SOOOO psyched to get back into the studio! If you’d like a sample of some of the music I’ve written recently there’s a video of an instrumental that I wrote for my Howard TV drumming special that you can check out here:

You can also hear the song when you open my Myspace page at:

Now for all of you Horror fans out there, myself and my work partner Sal “The Stockbroker” Governale are two characters in the new Horror Novel “Castaways” by my favorite writer Brian Keene! I’m a huge fan of Brian’s, he’s a brilliant writer and his novels scare the crap out of me! It is such an honor to be a part of one of his books! I’ve been reading Brian’s work for years now and it’s so surreal and awesome to read about me being stalked by bloodthirsty creatures on a deserted island! I’m about halfway through reading the book now and it’s amazing! If you know Sal and I from the Stern Show then you’ll get a kick out of some of the stuff written about us in this book! You can buy the book “Castaways” at all major bookstores and online and you can get more info about Brian Keene at

I’m also psyched that a film that I was recently featured in “Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay” is now playing on Cinemax and Cinemax On Demand. The movie is hilarious and a lot of fun, get some friends together, grab some refreshments and be prepared to laugh your private parts off!

Now for info on the many upcoming Richard and Sal Shows! First off, two of the Connecticut Show dates have been switched:

The Stratford, CT show is now on March 7th and the Stamford show is now on March 21st.

We’ve also added several shows and appearances and we have a new website for The Richard and Sal Show which is:

I have to admit something right now, I love to drink beer and listen to country music! I grew up in Kansas and when I listen to George Strait, Alan Jackson and Brooks and Dunn it brings back great memories of growing up in the country. So I’m happy to say that myself and Sal Governale are appearing at Bama Jam, a concert featuring tons of Country and Rock bands including Alan Jackson, Kid Rock, and Brooks and Dunn! The Concert takes place in Enterprise, Alabama on June 4-6 and I’m so psyched to come hang out with fans, hear some great music, and introduce some of the bands! Sal and I will be appearing there all day Saturday June 6th! Come out and say hi and hang with me and Sal! For more info go to:

Well, I hope to see all of you at one or our comedy shows or appearances coming up soon! Sal and I will be meeting and greeting all of the crowds after every comedy show so definitely come up say hi, take some pictures and have some laughs with us! Take Care and Hope to See Y'all Soon!

Richard Christy

February 3, 2009
Metallica, Coheed and Cambria, Cheech and Chong, Tons of New Richard and Sal Comedy Shows!

Hello fellow Metalheads and Friends! This past week was a crazy but fun one for me, I saw Metallica twice, saw Cheech and Chong, filmed Four Episodes of Inside the Porn Actor's Studio for Howard TV which will air exclusively on Howard TV in March and I'm preparing to see Coheed and Cambria, Slipknot and Trivium this Thursday and Saturday!

Metallica was amazing, I haven't seen them in about 18 years since the Black album tour and I was blown away. They played a different set both nights I saw them which was really cool because each night I was totally surprised and excited to hear what songs they would do, it was awesome to hear classics like Phantom Lord, Sanitarium and Harvester of Sorrow! I got to go backstage at Nassau Coliseum thanks to my buddy Phil Demmel from the amazing Metal band Machine Head who were crushing as the opening band for Metallica, as were The Sword. Backstage I got to see one of my alltime Metal heroes James Hetfield but I was way to nervous to say anything to him! I don't get starstruck too often but I was definitely freaking out in the presence of one of my heroes!

Cheech and Chong were great at Radio City Music Hall last Saturday. They did all the classic bits like Let's Make a Dope Deal and my favorite part of the show was when they did the song Mexican Americas from Cheech and Chong's Next Movie! I've known the words to that song since I was a little kid and it was awesome singing along to one of the funniest songs ever! Right now I'm getting pumped up to see my favorite band Coheed and Cambria this Thursday and Saturday along with Slipknot and Trivium! And yes I will be wearing my diaper to the show so I don't have to miss any songs for a bathroom break!

I want to thank all of the great people who came to see Sal Governale and myself along with Ian Gutoskie and Angelo at two sold out shows at Bonkerz in Orlando Florida. We had an awesome time and it's always fun to come back to Orlando, I chowed down on some delicious Tijuana Flats, Sonny's BBQ, Carrabba's and Publix Subs when I was there! Also, thank you to all the nice people at the TV show The Daily Buzz, we had a lot of fun doing the show.

Sal and I have a ton of comedy shows coming up! If we're not coming to a town near you in the next few months we'll definitely be near you soon because we're booking shows all over the country throughout the winter, spring and this summer. We'll even be coming out to the West Coast and throughout the Midwest soon too! Below are all of the shows we have booked for the next few months and we'll be adding new shows all the time so definitely check back here or at Hope to see you all at one our shows!

Well, I hope to see all of you at one or our comedy shows or appearances coming up soon! Sal and I will be meeting and greeting all of the crowds after every comedy show so definitely come up say hi, take some pictures and have some laughs with us! Take Care and Hope to See Y'all Soon!

Richard Christy

January 21, 2009
Orlando this weekend & more shows!

Howdy Everybody, first off I hope I'll see you all in Orlando this weekend at Bonkerz in Altamonte Springs! We're there this Friday and Saturday the 23rd and 24th for one show each night at 8pm. I lived in Orlando for eight years and I can't wait to come back and party with the great people of Florida and see some old friends! For more info on the show you can go to my Comedy Dates Page.

I also want to thank the great people at Rhythm & Brews Bar in Staten Island. I did an appearance there this past Saturday and had an absolute blast! The people who work there are so nice, the food is delicious, and the drinks are amazing! I had a Root Beer Float shot that was incredible! When you're in Staten Island you should definitely go there and check it out! Thank you also to everybody who came out to the bar to say hi to me and have drinks! I hope to be back there again sometime soon!

Also, thank you to all of the fans who came to see Sal and I at RK Hartley's in New Windsor, NY last Thursday! We had an awesome time and it was so nice for everybody to come out and see us and party with us on a Thursday night! Upstate New York rules!

Well, that's all for now folks, hope to see you at one of our comedy shows or appearances! Take Care, Cheers!

Richard Christy

January 15, 2009
Tons of Comedy Shows & Appearances Coming Up!

Howdy Ya'll, How you doin? I'm drinking Two Buck Chuck from Trader Joe's, watching Family Guy and Dirty Jobs and I figured I'd jump on my laptop and give you all some updates on some stuff I have going in in the next couple of months.

First off, tomorrow night Sal and I are coming to Upstate New York, about an hour north of New York City! The Richard and Sal Show: Starring Sal and Richard! A Night of Stand Up Comedy, Music, and Hijinx! is coming to New Windsor, NY tomorrow night Thursday, January 15th. We'll be at R.K. Hartley's, 171 Temple Hill Road, New Windsor, New York. Call 845-565-7896 for reservations and for more info go to: Come in from the cold, laugh your what nots off, and have some drinks with Sal and I! Hope to see you there!

Also, you can come party with me this Saturday in the New York City area! I'll be appearing in Staten Island on Saturday night January 17th from around 10 P.M. to 2 A.M. at Rhythm and Brews Bar and Grille, 1674 Richmond Road in Staten Island. Come hang out with me and have some drinks, some food, and some fun! For info about the bar you can go to I hope to see all of you there so we can knock back some brews and have a great time!

Well, take care everybody, stay warm and hope to see you all somewhere soon!

Richard Christy

January 5, 2009
Happy New Year, Appearances & Comedy Shows Coming Up!

Happy New Year everybody! Hopefully it will be a good year for everybody. I started the New Year by drinking lots of Vodka and Champagne and playing Scattergories with Friends, it was a blast! I'm pretty bummed that the Holidays are over but I'm already starting to plan my Halloween adventures to keep my mind off of the fact that the Holiday season is over. I also want to thank everybody who came out to see Sal and I at the Northeast Motorcycle show this past weekend in Hartford, CT. We had a blast meeting fans and hanging out with all the Stern fans and Bikers! I'd like to thank the organizers of the event and also I'd like to thank Sickboy Motorcycles, they were in the booth next to us and they're really cool people who sell awesome clothing! You can check out their stuff at

Sal and I are booking a lot more shows for this year so hopefully we'll be coming to a town near you soon! I'm also really psyched for a couple of killer Metal shows coming up in the New York area. I'm going to see Metallica on Long Island this month, which I can't wait for! I haven't seen them in about 16 years so I can't wait to see the Legends again! James Hetfield is one of my heroes and I'm always in awe of his talent, he's hands down one of the coolest humans to ever live in my opinion. Plus Machine Head and The Sword are opening up, two crushing Metal bands! I'm also super psyched for the Slipknot, Coheed and Cambria, and Trivium show coming up in February at MSG in New York City! My neck will definitely be sore after that one! If you see me in the beer line at MSG make sure you come up and say hi and I'll make sure to do a hearty Metal toast with you! I'm also going to see my comedy heroes Cheech and Chong at Radio City Music Hall at the end of this month! I'm going to watch every Cheech and Chong movie the day of the show; I can't wait to hear the song Mexican Americans live!!!!

Also, just a heads up, I'll be filming new episodes for my Howard TV show Inside The Porn Actors Studio soon and we'll be possibly looking for a studio audience here in New York City in late January so keep checking back here for more info.

Well, if you've made it this far reading my update I'd like to thank you for checking out my nonsense! I hope to see you at one of my comedy shows or appearances! Until next time, take care and have a Very Heavy Metal New Year!

Richard Christy

December 10, 2008
New Comedy Shows & Appearances, Remembering Our Metal Brothers...

Howdy Everybody, just wanted to give you an update on some stuff I have going on. First off The Richard and Sal Show: Starring Sal and Richard! is coming to Orlando January 23rd and 24th! It will be great to come back to Orlando where I lived for 8 years and had many great times!

I also want to let all of my Metal Brothers and Sisters know that this Saturday December 13th is the 7th Anniversary of the Passing of my dear friend, the Heavy Metal Legend Chuck Schuldiner. Chuck was my bandmate in the band Death and not only was he an amazing friend and the nicest guy I've ever known but he also wrote the greatest metal music of all time, so this Saturday crank up your favorite Death album and toast our Metal Brother Chuck Schuldiner. Also please raise a glass of your favorite beverage this December to toast the Legendary Metal Master Dimebag Darrell who passed away this month four years ago. I met Dimebag many times and he was a super nice guy and always happy to hang out with the fans. I had the honor of playing a show with Pantera in 1998 at the Dynamo Festival in Holland when I was drumming with Death and it was a dream come true to be the opening band for one of my alltime favorite metal bands Pantera. I was also lucky enough to hang out with Dimebag after the show which made the day that much more perfect. So please be sure to crank up your Death and Pantera albums this month to honor two of metal's fallen heroes.

Last weekend my favorite bar in New York, Duff's Brooklyn moved to their new location and it's awesome! I had a blast partying with my buddies Jimmy Duff, Tomas, Kevin, and everybody else that was hanging with us and raising our glasses in the name of Heavy Metal and Alcohol! If you're a metalhead you have to go there! Even if you're not a metalhead check it out anyway cause it's an amazing bar with great people. I'll be frequenting there alot and I know I will have many great times there in the future, as I did at the former Duff's location! For more info about Duff's you can go to

Last but not least I want to give a big thank you to all the fans who came out to the very first Richard and Sal Show at McGuire's on Long Island, the show was sold out and we had such a blast! It was just the beginning of what will definitely be many fun shows with myself and Sal The Stockbroker! We're doing another sold out show tomorrow night at McGuire's which I'm totally psyched about! I also want to thank Jon and everybody at United Bank Card for hiring Sal and I to appear at their Christmas Party last Thursday, we had a great time hanging with everybody! If you're interested in hiring Sal and I for appearances you can email me at

Well, until next time I hope to see you at one of my shows or appearances, make sure you come up to say hi! Take Care!

Richard Christy

November 12, 2008
The Richard & Sal Show! Coheed and Cambria, New Death Video

Hey Everybody, first off I wanna let you know that myself and Sal "The Stockbroker" Governale, my coworker from The Howard Stern Show, are starting a new comedy tour! It's called The Richard and Sal Show: Starring Sal and Richard! Reservations for our first show at McGuires Comedy Club November 20th in Bohemia, NY are now Sold Out! so we've added another date! Sal and I will be doing another show at McGuires on December 11th!

For more info go to: or and for reservations call 631.467.5413

The Richard and Sal Show is also coming to Orlando, Florida in January! I'm really psyched because I lived in Orlando for eight years and it's going to be great to come back! Our show is literally going to be a few blocks from where I used to live! For more info go to the comedy Page.

I also wanted to let everybody know about a cool new video that's on It's a fan filmed video from 1998 of a drum solo of mine with the band Death. I'm so proud of this video because I was at the top of my drumming game at the time, the crowd of 8,000 people was amazing, and we also play one of my all time favorite Death songs "Flattening Of Emotions" in the video! Here's a link to it:

I'd like to thank Cristian from Chile for the video! Also, I want to send a big thank you to Coheed and Cambria and everyone involved with the Neverender shows in New York City and Los Angeles, I had the time of my life and the shows were indescribably amazing! Thank you guys so much for letting me be a part of the shows by speaking before the band each Friday night, it was an honor to be a part of these historic shows! Thank you to everyone I hung out with and had a blast with! They still have four more Neverender shows in London that you should definitely check out if you have the chance!

Well, that's about it for now, hope to see you guys at one of the upcoming Sal and Richard shows! Take Care!

Richard Christy

October 13, 2008
Coheed and Cambria, Trick R’ Treat, Fangoria, Halloween

Hey There Everybody, as I write this my neck is about as sore as it's ever been because I've spent the last four nights headbanging to the greatest concerts I've ever seen in my life, the Coheed and Cambria Neverender shows! The closest that words can come to describing these shows is that they were like a Religious Experience for me! My buddy Brian Slagel said it best when he looked over at me the third night and said, "These shows are going to go down in history as legendary"! I want to thank the guys in Coheed and Cambria for the greatest live experience ever! I also had the honor of speaking to the crowd before Coheed's set on Friday night! I'm still freaking out that I got to "Open" for Coheed and Cambria! Claudio and Travis introduced me and I went on stage and talked about my love for the band and also told the story of my now somewhat infamous "Pee Pants" story, the crowd was awesome and so courteous to listen to me for 15-20 minutes! Thank you!

For any of you there, I have to apologize because I forgot the most important part of my whole speech, I was going to pull out and show to the crowd my most cherished piece of memorabilia-an autographed Coheed and Cambria Adult Diaper complete with artwork by Claudio Sanchez! If you'd like to see it you can go to the pictures section of my Myspace page. Also as a topper on Friday night after the Coheed show I saw one of my favorite horror movies, Creepshow at a midnight showing at the IFC Theater in NYC! I Want My Cake! Classic! If you're going to the Chicago, Los Angeles, or London Coheed and Cambria Neverender shows then you are in for the greatest shows of your life! I'll see you all at the Los Angeles shows! I can't wait for round two! I have to thank the Coheed guys, their manager Blaze, Doug and the guys at Space Monkey studios, Ben and all the Terminal 5 guys and all the awesome fans at the shows that drank beer and banged their heads with me! It was the most incredible time ever!

It's been a crazy time for me with Halloween coming up, on top of my job, traveling on the weekends, the Neverender shows, and everything else I have going on I've been trying to fit in as many horror movies as I can possibly watch before my favorite day of the year, Halloween! I saw a screening of an incredible, unreleased movie recently in NYC called Trick R' Treat. I've wanted to see this movie since I heard about it a few years ago. Fangoria sponsored the screening at the Two Boots Pioneer Theater and writer/director Michael Dougherty and star Dylan Baker were in attendance. The movie was incredible, the perfect movie for this time of year! It was scary, fun and perfectly captured the mood of Halloween. It will definitely be one of those movies that horror fans will watch every Halloween. Unfortunately as of now there's no release date for the movie. Michael Dougherty said the best thing to do is for horror fans to get the word out and let Warner Bros. know that we want this movie to be released! Hopefully we'll all be sitting in the theaters next Halloween season watching this amazing movie! You can check out the Trick R' Treat trailer here.

There's also a great review of the movie at the Trick R' Treat IMDB page here:

Luckily for us horror fans there are tons of great new horror movies out now, especially foreign horror movies. I recently saw the Spanish movie REC that was recently remade into Quarantine here in the US. I haven't seen the remake but the original is unbelievable! I haven't been scared by a movie in a while and this one scared the hell out of me, unfortunately it's pretty hard to find cause it's only out on DVD in Europe but hopefully it will be released here soon. There's also a French film called Inside that totally blew my mind recently. It is quite possibly the goriest movie ever made and is definitely one of the most disturbing! I literally almost vomited a few times which is a sign of a great horror movie! I'm looking forward to seeing Let The Right One In, which is a Vampire movie from Sweden, I hear it's great. Right now as I write this I'm watching Trailer Park of Terror which is pretty good so far. I'm also psyched to see one of my all time favorites Nightmare Before Christmas 3-D in theaters this week!

I've done a few interviews as of late too that you might wanna check out. One is about drumming and two are about my love of horror movies and Halloween. There's a really cool Metal drumming website called who recently did an interview with me about my drumming, you can check it out here:

I also did a "Skinterview" about horror movies with the great Mr. Skin at you can check that out here.

And last but not least I did an interview with Dan Taylor about my love of Halloween that you can check out here:

Richard Christy on FangoriaYou can also check out my Halloween Blog at

I'm also doing a comedy show with my buddy Sal Governale on November 20th in Long Island; you can get more info in my comedy dates section of this site.

Well, only a few days left until my favorite day of the year-Halloween!!!!! Have a fun and scary Halloween everybody! Take Care!

Richard Christy

October 13, 2008
Richard on and Featured Artist in Chilled Magazine

Richard Christy on FangoriaHowdy Everyone, just wanted to let everybody know that this October my Halloween Blogs will no longer be on my Myspace page but they'll be moved to! I've been a huge fan of Fangoria magazine since I was around 9 years old so it's really an honor that they would want to put my Halloween blogs on their website! Here's a link to part 1 of my Fangoria Halloween Blog:

Richard Christy in Chilled MagazineAlso, myself and my buddies in the Killers of Comedy are featured this month in the magazine Chilled. It's a cover feature and a really cool article about our comedy tour! The Beetlejuice interview is hilarious! You can get more info about the magazine at and

Well, I'm gonna get back to watching the horror classic Night of the Demons! It's that time of year and it's horror movies nonstop for me, take care and Happy Halloween Everybody!

-Richard Christy

September 4, 2008
Richmond, VA this Saturday, John Carpenter, The Beast, & Nils Lofgren

Hey Everybody, first off I wanna remind you all that I'm gonna be in Richmond, VA this Saturday September 6th at 4 pm at The Byrd Theater hosting the premier of an awesome new horror comedy movie called Lights, Camera, Dead! I'm also appearing in the film too, I filmed a scene a month ago in Brooklyn and it was a blast, plus my character gets to play drums in the film which rules! It's going to be a really cool movie, if you're a horror fan and a comedy fan you will love it. You can get more info about the movie and the premier at, and you can purchase tickets at and at Plan 9 Music It's gonna be a night of horror, comedy, metal, and just hanging out and having fun, and I hope to see you there!

For me the Halloween season is in full swing right now because I went to my first haunted houses of the season last Friday in Kansas City! I want to thank my friend Colleen and all the people from The Beast, The Edge of Hell, Macabre Cinema, and The Chambers of Edgar Allan Poe for such an amazing time! My friend and I were the first two people to walk through The Beast haunted house in the 2008 season! I'm so psyched about that because The Beast is one of my favorite haunted houses, the werewolf forest is one of the scariest things ever! If you love haunts then you have to visit Kansas City, Mo because they have haunts like no other city in the country. Every haunt is in a massive multi story warehouse building in the West Bottoms district of Kansas City. The Edge of Hell has been around for over 30 years! The amount of work they put into these haunted houses is astounding. I've been going to them now for about 13 years and they get better every year.

I'm not ashamed to admit that when I walk through these haunts I jump and scream more times than I can count, they are that scary! What a way to kick off my Halloween season!

Another early Halloween treat for me this week was seeing two of my favorite director's films on the big screen at the BAM Cinemas in Brooklyn, John Carpenter's The Thing and They Live! The last time I saw The Thing on the big screen was when I was 8 years old in 1982 with my parents and sister at the Fort Scott Drive Inn in Fort Scott, Kansas. 26 years later it is still easily the best sci fi movie of all time in my opinion. This is the movie that made me fall in love with horror movies. The theater was packed and many people screamed throughout the movie, which is something I haven't witnessed from a horror movie in years! You can't beat the classics! They Live was amazing to see again on the big screen too, the fight scene is the most badass of all time! I just discovered too that South Park parodied the They Live fight scene in the episode Cripple Fight, I watched it today and it is freakin' hilarious! Watching these brilliant movies on the big screen made me realize again for the 1000th time that John Carpenter is an absolute genius! I would give anything for him to make a movie again; it's been way to long since a John Carpenter movie has been made!

I also want to thank the great guitarist Nils Lofgren for a guitar lesson that he gave me up at the Sirius building recently! It's for a web cast on the Sirius website and you can go check it out at It was an honor to jam with such a legendary guitar player!

Well, I think that's about it for now. Only a few weeks till Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando, my favorite event of the year!!!!! Take Care and Happy Halloween!

-Richard Christy

August 19, 2008
Upcoming Appearance in Richmond, Virginia; New Amon Amarth Album; Halloween!

Howdy Y'all, just wanted to let you know that I'll be appearing in Richmond, Virginia on Saturday September 6th at 4pm @ The Byrd Theater hosting the premier of an awesome new horror comedy movie called "Lights, Camera, Dead!" I'm also appearing in the film too, I filmed a scene a few weeks ago in Brooklyn and it was a blast; plus my character gets to play drums in the film which rules! It's going to be a really cool movie, if you're a horror fan and a comedy fan you will love it! You can get more info about the movie and the premier at And for all you metalheads there's also some awesome Heavy Metal on the soundtrack like Darkest Hour! Tickets for the premier are also available at The Byrd Theater Box Office. It's gonna be a fun night and I hope to see you there! Speaking of awesome heavy metal, I recently attended a listening party for the new Amon Amarth album Twilight Of The Thunder God and I must say it is one of the most amazing metal albums I've ever heard in my life! Words cannot even describe how heavy and how perfect this album is! The singer Johan and the bass player Ted were in attendance and it was so cool to listen to the new album with them! They were super cool and it was definitely a night of pure metal mayhem! I've posted some pictures of the listening party in the pictures section of my Myspace page if you are a metalhead like me then you must pick up this album when it comes out next month, it's definitely going to be a metal classic! They're playing in New York in October too which I'm so psyched about! Within one week here in New York City I'm going to see Amon Amarth and then two days later I'm seeing Coheed and Cambria four nights in a row, my ears will be bleeding and I'll be loving it!

I'm finally very close to finishing the video editing for my Viking, Heavy Metal, Comedy Rock Opera "Majestic Loincloth"! I'll be posting it on Youtube as soon as I'm finished and I'll definitely let everyone know when it's up there.

Halloween season is right around the corner and I'm already lighting my pumpkin candles and stringing my orange lights in my apartment! My favorite event in the world Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando is starting up soon too, I'll be going for the 12th year in a row and if you're a fan of the Halloween season and you've never been, you have to check it out! If you've been there, then you know how amazing it is! I always say that if we get to choose our own heaven when we die then I'm choosing Halloween Horror Nights to spend eternity at! I also wanna thank and send out a congratulations to my buddy Eddie Trunk who just celebrated his 25th anniversary on the radio with a party at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York City where Judas Priest played a set of classic metal! It was such a fun party and a dream come true for a metalhead like me  to see Judas Priest in a small club! A lot of friends where there and I had such a great time and want to give a big thanks to Eddie Trunk!

I'd also like to thank Metal Blade Records, Cannibal Corpse and Denise Korycki for making me a part of the Cannibal Corpse DVD that just came out! It's an amazing DVD that documents the history of one of the greatest death metal bands ever, Cannibal Corpse. I've been a big fan of the band for years and they're really great guys and I'm so honored to be a part of their DVD! Well, that's about it for now, until next time, Happy Halloween and Stay Metal!

You can also purchase tickets for my Saturday September 6th Appearance at the Byrd Theater in Richmond, VA hosting the premier of Lights Camera Dead at this location:

And you can also purchase tickets at Plan 9 Music:

-Richard Christy

July 25, 2008
Richard Christy @ Caroline's next Thursday

Hey Everybody, I'll be at Caroline's in NYC with Sal Governale, and Shuli Egar Tursday, July 31, click here for more details...

-Richard Christy

July 22, 2008
Richard Christy to play drums live for first time in years!!!

HIXONFEST 20008Hey Everybody, I'll be hosting the Hixon Fest Heavy Metal Bash in New Jersey again this year! It was a blast last year and I'm so psyched to be back! I’m also going to be playing my song “Frost” live with the guys from Hixon. So, come see some great Heavy Metal bands and win some cool prizes! Here's the info:

HIXON FEST 2008! Cherrywood Lounge 1460 Blackwood Clementon Rd Clementon, New Jersey 08052 Saturday July 26th! door prizes - Sirius radio - Dimebag guitar and much more! bands - EXILED - FALL OF MAN - UNIT - AND THE HIXON! THE HIXON BOYS WILL ALSO BE JAMMING RICHARD CHRISTYS FROST! Go to for more info!

I also wanna thank my great friends at Sweatshop Studios in Brooklyn, NY. I recently recorded drums for the new Caninus album there and they turned out awesome! My buddy Tony Maggiolino from the Drummers Collective recommended the studio to me and it ruled! I'm so proud of the drumming I did there and I can't wait for everybody to hear it!

Here's a link for the studio:

and here's a link for Caninus:

Well, take care everybody and hopefully I'll be seeing you all at the Neverender Coheed and Cambria shows! It's four nights of Coheed with all four albums in New York and LA, I can't freakin' wait! It's gonna rule! Hope to see you there! Take Care!

-Richard Christy

May 26, 2008
Fangoria Convention & New Comedy Shows!

Hey Everybody, just wanted to update everyone on some of my upcoming appearances. I'm appearing at the Fangoria convention in Secaucus, NJ on Friday June 20th as part of an Albino Farm panel which is an awesome new horror movie that I have a role in! Also on the panel with me will be fellow Albino Farm actors WWE champ Chris Jericho, Kevin Spirtas (FRIDAY THE 13TH VII, SUBSPECIES II) and co-directors/co-writers Sean McEwen & Joe Anderson! There will also be a screening of the film Albino Farm on Saturday June 21st! I'm so psyched for this movie because I'm a HUGE horror fan and I'm also psyched to be a part of the
Fangoria convention because I've been reading Fangoria since I was 10 years old! One of my all time horror heroes George Romero will also be at the convention which I'm SOOOO Excited about! Here's a link with more info about the convention, hope to see you there!

I also have some comedy shows with the Killers of Comedy coming up! Check them out here...

And last but not least I would like to thank the awesome guys in Coheed and Cambria for sending me the coolest piece of band memorabilia ever! A signed adult diaper with custom artwork by Claudio! After my Stern Show discussion about wetting my pants so I wouldn't miss any of Coheed's songs during a recent concert they sent me this awesome gift and I want to thank them very much! Coheed Rules! I'll post a picture of it in the pictures section of my Myspace Page!

Also I wanted to let everyone know that I am available for appearances and acting work, if interested please feel free to email me at

Well, everyone take care, and thank you all for the kind emails and comments! Thanks!

-Richard Christy

April 29, 2008
Brand New Richard Christy Drumming Special Now On Howard TV!

Howdy Everybody, Richard Christy here, and I just wanted to let you know that a brand new drumming special that I did is available now on Howard TV! I have to give a million thanks to Howard TV and my boss Howard Stern for giving me the chance to show off a side of me that some people might not know about. Before I worked on the radio with The Howard Stern Show I toured with some of my favorite metal bands including Death, Iced Earth, Burning Inside, Demons and Wizards, Incantation, and many more, On my new Howard TV drumming special called "Beating It" I talk about my life before the Stern Show as a professional drummer. I also play tons of brand new drum solos and at the end of the special is a brand new instrumental song that I wrote entitled "Frost" in which I wrote and played the Guitar, Bass, and Drums. I'm extremely proud of the special and I hope you all enjoy it. Howard TV is available all across the country on cable, you can go to for more info.

Also, I'm really excited because my hometown newspaper in Kansas where I grew up, The Fort Scott Tribune, recently did a front page article about me! Here's a link to check it out: I'll also post the article at my website

Don't forget that Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay is in theaters now! I have a small part in the movie that I'm really excited about and the whole movie is hilarious! If you love comedy you must check out this movie, it's awesome! You can check out several different trailers for the film (some of which I'm in) here:

And my interview in the current May '08 issue of the great metal magazine Metal Maniacs is currently on news stands, check it out if you're a metalhead like me! I talk about all the bands I've played in and how my life has changed over the past several years.

Also, if you go to you can get info on my upcoming comedy shows including St. Louis on May 9th and Indianapolis on May 10th with the Killers of Comedy!

Well, I think that's about it for now, thanks to everybody for your emails and support and hopefully I'll see you out on the road soon! Take Care!


-Richard Christy

April 23, 2008
Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay!!!

Hey Everybody, this Friday April 25th is the big day, my big screen debut in Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay! The movie actually opens at midnight April 24th (Thursday night/Friday morning) and I'm sure the midnight screenings will be a hell of a party if you get a chance to check one out! I saw the movie last week at the premier in Hollywood and it is hilarious! I can absolutely say that it's one of the funniest movies I've ever seen in my life and I'm so honored to be a part of it! I highly recommend this movie to everyone who loves to laugh their ass off! So party it up and please check out Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay! 

I also did a brand new interview with the awesome heavy metal magazine Metal Maniacs which is on newsstands now. It's the May 2008 issue with Dismember (one of my all time favorite death metal bands, Indecent and Obscene is a masterpiece!) on the cover. I have to thank Liz and Ben at Metal Maniacs for including me in such a cool magazine that I've been a fan of since the early 1990's! I talk about metal and many other of my favorite things in the interview so check it out if you get the chance! 

This past Monday was a special day for me. The 21st of April - The Fog Day! One of my all time favorite horror movies is John Carpenter's horror classic The Fog, which takes place on the 21st of April. Every April I celebrate this movie by watching this horror classic. Some people celebrate Easter in April, I celebrate The Fog! 

My hometown of Fort Scott, Kansas has a charity where they are raising money for upgrades and renovations to Ellis Park. I'm a proud Kansan and I'm always happy to help out my hometown so if you're interested in perhaps helping out or finding out more about Fort Scott and the Ellis Park project you can go to

I'd also like to thank everybody involved in the Big Lebowski Screening in Red Bank, NJ last Saturday! It was a blast drinking White Russians and watching one of the greatest comedy movies of all time on the big screen with hundreds of other proud Lebowski Achievers!! Plus I got to hang with Jeff "The Dude" Dowd, who the Coen Brothers based the film on! He was so cool and so fun to hang with!  

Last but definitely not least there are a couple of brand new metal songs that I wrote with my good buddy Jason Suecof for my upcoming comedy, viking, metal, rock opera film Majestic Loincloth now available on Itunes and all other pay download music sites! Just type in the words "Majestic Loincloth" in the search on Itunes or any other download site. The songs are titled "Your Naughtiness Must Stop" and "Majestic Loincloth" and they're pretty cheesy but very metal! The songs are featured in my new comedy, viking, metal, rock opera film "Majestic Loincloth" which I will have up on my website very soon!

Well, that's it for now. Take Care and always
remember, The Dude Abides!


-Richard Christy

April 4, 2008
Birthday & Metal Maniacs!

Hey everybody, just wanted to update you all on some cool new things I've been up to and will be up to. First off I want to thank everyone so much for their birthday well wishes! I really appreciate it and it made me so happy to hear Happy Birthday from all of you! I just turned 34 and had a wonderful birthday full of Papa John's Pizza, Champagne, Halloween parts 1 and 3 (it's a yearly tradition for me to watch those two movies on my birthday) and Jekyll and Hyde restaurant here in New York City! I'm getting older but definitely not maturing. I also want to let everyone know that the Iron Maiden concert at the Meadowlands last month was awesome! I raised my metal horns high for two hours (I had a beer in the other hand) and the gods of metal Iron Maiden have never sounded better! I felt like I was back in 1984!

I can't begin to explain how excited I am for the film Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay not only because the movie is going to be hilarious, but because I'm in it! I loved the first one and I'm so honored to be a part of this movie! It comes out Friday April 25 and you should definitely check it out! Take some of your friends and make it a party! If you happen to check out one of the commercials for the movie on TV, I'm the one who says "Mexicans"! Here's the website for the film along with trailers and info about the movie: Speaking of a party, I'm hosting a  screening of the classic Coen Brothers film The Big Lebowski, along with the real life "Dude" Jeff Dowd, who inspired the film! I'm so psyched because I've seen this movie about 100 times and drank about 1,000 White Russians over the years while watching this awesome movie! The screening is on April 19th in Red Bank, New Jersey at the beautiful Count Basie Theater. It starts at 8 pm. You can go to for info and tickets. See all you Achievers there! I'll also be appearing with The Killers of Comedy in St. Louis and Indianapolis in May! I'll be appearing along with Bob Levy, Sal Governale, Shuli, Yucko the Clown, Beetlejuice & The Iron Sheik! Here's the info for the shows

The guitar company B.C. Rich is releasing a line of Stealth model guitars in honor of my dear friend and band mate Chuck Schuldiner who passed away in December 2001. I played in the bands Death and Control Denied with Chuck and I think it's really cool that they are releasing the model of guitar that Chuck played in honor of his musical legacy. If you'd like to check out the guitar and see a tribute to the musical legend Chuck Schuldiner, you can go to:

I posted a 2002 interview I did with the awesome metal magazine Metal Maniacs, click here to see and read all pages... I go in depth about drumming and metal music and the interview was conducted by my great friend and fellow Kansan Andrew Sample. I just did a brand new interview with Metal Maniacs that turned out really cool and that issue should be hitting newsstands everywhere pretty soon!

Well, I think that's about it for now. Thanks to everybody who's emailed me and to all the people who've made comments on my Myspace page, I greatly appreciate it and here's a hearty metal cheers to y'all!!!!! Take Care!

-Richard Christy

March 4, 2008
Horror Movies & Heavy Metal!

Hey Everybody, wanted to let you know that a new interview I did with an awesome horror movie website called is up, click on the link to check it out.

I also recently played drums on a cool show called Talking Metal on FUSE. The guys I jammed with were really cool and the show turned out awesome! Here's video links to us jamming on Slayer's South of Heaven and Black Sabbath's Paranoid! Click on the links to check them out.

I also recently went snowboarding for the first time in Colorado which was a freaking blast! On the plane ride to Denver I was jamming on some Heavy Metal on my Ipod and decided to write a blog about my lifelong love for Heavy Metal! It may be a little rambling because I was drinking at the time but if you love heavy metal too then you might enjoy this, here it is:

For some reason I feel compelled to write about my most metal day; Thursday Feb 28. My day started out at 4am walking to work listening to the masterpiece album With Oden On our side by Amon Amarth on my Ipod while walking to work in Manhattan. My metal day continued at about 3pm when I ran into the legendary guitarist Nick Bowcoot of Grim Reaper. I've been a Grim Reaper fan since the tender age of 10 when I first heard See U in Hell. I also had Mirrors of the amazing album covers of See U in Hell, Fear No Evil, and Rock U to Hell hung up in my bedroom courtesy of the dart and balloon game at the Bourbon County fair in KS where the prize for popping 3 balloons with darts was a kick ass metal mirror. Needless to say I was stoked to see Nick who's a super cool guy, and I jammed Grim Reaper on my Ipod on the flight to Denver. Another band I jammed on my Ipod on my flight was the mighty Iron Maiden who I'm going to see in concert in two weeks in NJ. To say that I'm looking forward to this concert is a major understatement. I first heard Live After Death when I was 11 years old and it changed my life. When I started drumming at the age of 10 the first albums I practiced to were Van Halen 1984, Quiet Riot Metal Health, Twisted Sister Stay Hungry and Iron Maiden Live After Death. When I was 12 years old Iron Maiden's Somewhere In Time came out and I literally spent about 6 months learning the first hit hat and kick drum beat from the beginning of Wasted Years. To this day I still have a hard time playing it. I tip my Viking Helmet to the mighty Nicko Mcbrain, a drumming genius. I'm riding on a party bus to the Maiden concert with my great friends from the awesome metal bar Duffs in Brooklyn NY. I've already planned to be in bed on March 15 and 16 because I'm sure I'll be out of commision due to massive headbanging. I'm 33 years old and my poor neck doesn't hold up like it used to! Well now I'm still on the plane to Denver writing this blog on my Treo and I'm currently listening to the great band Riot's classic 1997 album Inishmore. If ur a metal fan then U MUST own this album! It is a metal classic and one of the best albums of the 1990s. My good friend Bobby Jarzombek plays drums on the album and he is a drumming monster! The last song, an instrumental entitled Inishmore is to say the least, a Metal Masterpiece. Well, to wrap things up, I want to let all U metal heads out there know that metal is alive and well in 2008. There are so many great tours coming up, including Gigantour which is gonna be awesome! And so many great albums coming out including my friends Children Of Bodom's new album which is gonna rule! I can't wait for the Worrel Dane solo album too!

So all U metal heads bang your heads hard and raise the chalises of metal high! Oh and by the way, on the way home I watched Bad Santa for the 150th time which is the greatest Xmas drinking movie ever! And Claudio Sanchez is a genius. If u like music, no matter what kind, you should check out Coheed and Cambria, one of the most original and creative bands EVER! And now as I land in LaGuardia Airport in NYC I raise my plastic chalice of Stoli vodka and Orange juice high as I bang my head to Hermods Ride to Hell from the mighty Amon Amarth on my Metal Infused Ipod! Thor would be proud!

-Richard Christy

January 27, 2008
Editing Majestic Loincloth, Drumming, The Elite, & A New Comedy Date

Howdy Everybody, I have a few updates about some stuff I've been up to lately. I finally found some time to edit my film Majestic Loincloth which I shot in 2003 and 2004 and I'll be putting the full movie up on my website and on very soon. It's a Heavy Metal Comedy Viking Rock Opera and it's pretty damn goofy. As far as I know it's a first of it's kind, I don't know of any Viking Comedy Rock Operas out there anyway. If you like Metal and laughing at grown men wearing loincloths in public, then this movie is for you! I wrote the music with my good friend Jason Suecof at Audiohammer Studios and it kicks some major ass! I'll probably be making the music from the movie available on iTunes too. If you'd like to check out the trailer for the movie, it's on, just type in Majestic Loincloth in the search, or follow this link:

I also posted a new drum solo video that I recorded back in 2004 at Audiohammer Studios on You can type in Richard Christy Drum Solo 2004 or follow this link:

I also posted 3 great videos from the band The Elite which I play drums in on They're pretty funny videos and they feature my good buddy Skip Skiffington. You can type in the search: The Elite Wiener Roast, The Elite What Are Those Sores, and The Elite Goose Em Up, or follow these links:

Also, I'll be doing a gig with the Killers Of Comedy in Atlantic City, NJ at the House Of Blues on Friday March 28th. Click here for more info...

Well, until next time, crank up some Amon Amarth, and take care everybody!

-Richard Christy

December 11, 2007
Happy Holidays! New Harold and Kumar Trailer & Online Interview!

Hey everybody, although I'm still bummed that Halloween is over I'm enjoying the Holidays in New York City and partaking in plenty of Egg Nog and Apple Cider with Rum! Plenty of cool things have been happening around here lately. I'm in the new Harold and Kumar 2 Uncensored Movie Trailer! They use one line out of my scene in the trailer and you can see it either at or and when you go there just click on the "View Age Restricted Material" logo and fill out your info to gain access to the Uncensored trailer! The movie is scheduled to come out in February 2008 so make sure you check it out, it's going to be hilarious!

I also did an interview recently with my good buddy Jimmy Duff from the kickass heavy metal bar Duff's in Brooklyn, New York. You can check it out here:

If you're ever in New York City and if you're a Metalhead you HAVE to check out Duff's! They have the heaviest jukebox ever and the people there are super cool. The bartenders rule too and there's PBR's aplenty!

Speaking of metal I saw a few amazing concerts recently. I saw Amon Amarth in New York City and Cleveland and they are true Viking Metal Warriors! They sounded super heavy live and I love that the singer drinks out of a Viking Horn on Stage! That is so Metal! If you haven't heard the new album yet you must give it a listen at full blast, it is the heaviest, most melodic and flat out best metal album in a long time!

I also recently saw Coheed and Cambria at a sold out concert here in NYC. They played for around two hours and sounded incredible. Not only are they some of the best musicians in music right now but their songwriting is the best in rock music right now. Every song they played live sounded even better than on their albums and I got so into it during my favorite song of theirs "The Crowing" that I banged my head into our table full of drinks and knocked them all over! Needless to say I had a blast at their show! Their new drummer Chris Pennie, who I'm a big fan of, did one of the best drum solos I've ever seen live too, the guy is a monster on the drums and I'm so psyched that he's a member of Coheed and Cambria! Claudio and Travis' guitar duels at the end of the show were amazing as well and it's so fun to watch Claudio do guitar solos behind his back and with his teeth! The guy is a genius! Definitely check out their new album if you want to hear some amazing progressive rock music!

Lastly, my girlfriend and I went on a cross-country Amtrak train trip for the week of Thanksgiving. Since I work full time now in New York City I haven't had the chance to go on the road with a band in the last
few years and I really do miss the road so this was my chance to hit the road again in a small way. We had so much fun and saw so many amazing things along the way. We started in San Diego, traveled up the Coast of California where we rode right next to the ocean and saw several Dolphins jumping out of the water right from the train window! Then from San Francisco the train traveled east through California, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado. We stopped for two days, including Thanksgiving Day in the beautiful city of Glenwood Springs, Colorado, the site of one of the largest natural hot springs in the country. After relaxing in the hot springs for a couple of days and having an amazing Thanksgiving with our friends Walter and Julie from the Lumber Baron Bed and Breakfast in Denver, we continued to travel through Colorado where we followed the Colorado river and saw many sites that you can only see from a train, including several Bald Eagles hunting for Salmon along the river! Nothing beats drinking a cold beer and sitting in the sightseeing car of an Amtrak train looking out at the beautiful Rocky Mountains! We also traveled through Nebraska, Iowa (where we saw the town of Ottumwa where the legendary arcade Twin Galaxies once resided, made famous by the hilarious movie King of Kong), Illinois (where we stopped in Chicago long enough to go to the top of the Sears Tower and eat a delicious Chicago pizza), Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and ending up at Penn Station in New York City. I would highly recommend this trip for people who love to go sightseeing; it's very relaxing and very fun! Hopefully this will be a yearly tradition for my girlfriend and I because we had a blast! I'm going to try to upload some pictures of our trip to my Myspace page as soon as I get some time.

Also, as a reminder my band Burning Inside's brand new self titled EP is available on all the downloadable music sites including iTunes and Rhapsody. If you're into melodic technical metal, check it out! Well, I think that pretty much wraps things up for now, I hope everyone has a safe and happy holidays! Take Care!

-Richard Christy

September 24, 2007
Shows & Halloween Trip!

Hey Everybody,

I have several comedy shows coming up with the Killers of Comedy and also a show with Artie Lange. The dates and info are in the comedy dates section of the site. Also, Halloween is my absolute favorite time of the year and my girlfriend and I are traveling all around the country this Halloween season to celebrate. I'm going to be keeping a blog of our Halloween travels on my Myspace page. So if you're a big fan of Halloween like me, you might wanna check it out. Also, I answer all of my emails personally every day so if you have anything you wanna ask me you can always email me. Well, I've gotta get back to drinking my pumpkin beer and watching American Werewolf In London, until next time, take care and Happy Halloween!

-Richard Christy

September 7, 2007

Hey Everyone,

I have some great news for BURNING INSIDE fans who've been asking when we're going to have some new material out! We just released our third album worldwide on most payable download sites including Itunes, Rhapsody, Napster, Emusic, and Sony Connect. It is a self titled, six song EP and we are extremely proud of it! With technology being so amazing these days and artists able to distribute music themselves over the internet, Burning Inside decided to release this album directly from the band right to the fans. I know alot of fans have struggled to find our albums in the past but this makes it alot easier for fellow metalheads to find and buy our music, plus you get to sample the tracks before you buy them which is really cool. We wrote up a fancy press release to describe the album so here it is:

The third and possibly final Burning Inside album is now available worldwide on Itunes, Napster, Rhapsody, eMusic and Sony Connect. The album is a self-titled six song EP of Technical yet Raw, Crushing Death Metal. The members of Burning Inside are - Richard Christy (Drums), Steve Childers (Guitar), Michael Estes (Guitar), and Jamie Prim (Bass and Vocals). The drums were recorded at Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, Florida with Engineer Jason Suecof, while the rest of the album was tracked at Stiffington Studios in Winter Park, Florida. This is Burning Inside's first album in six years and their most technically proficient and well written album overall. The six songs range from blindingly fast to atmospheric doom and everything in between. Fans of true metal will not be disappointed. Burning Inside was formed in 1995 by Steve Childers and Richard Christy, with members Jamie Prim and Michael Estes joining soon after. Since the beginning, Burning Inside's goal was to have their own sound, super heavy and technical, yet melodic. They released the album The Eve of the Entities in 2000 and the album Apparition in 2001. Go to for more information on Burning Inside.

Me and all the Burning Inside guys would like to thank the fans who've emailed us in the last six years asking about new material, it's because of you that this album was finished and released! Also, in more exciting Burning Inside news, someone posted several videos of a live Burning Inside performance in Tampa, Florida from 2003 on YouTube! I was really surprised and happy to see that somebody actually had some live footage of us that was of decent quality. You can find it on YouTube by typing in BURNING INSIDE TAMPA on the YouTube search, I'll also put links up on my website

Also, I would like to thank the people at Modern Drummer magazine for including me in the new October 2007 issue on its list of Top 50 All Time Prog Classics for my drumming on the Death album The Sound Of Perseverance! It is an honor to be including in such a prestigious list that includes some of my favorite drummers like Neal Peart, Lars Ulrich, Steve Flynn, Sean Reinert, Chris Pennie, Mike Portnoy, Tomas Haake, and too many others to name. I am extremely proud and honored to have played drums with my alltime favorite metal band Death and my metal brother, the legendary Chuck Schuldiner.

Well, I gotta get back to blasting and banging my head to the new Amon Amarth album which freaking rules by the way! Take Care and Happy Halloween Everybody!

-Richard Christy

August 13, 2007
New Movie Part, Voices of Cartoon Charcaters, & a Review

Hello Everybody,

I just want to thank everybody who came out to Hixonfest on July 28th, it was a blast and the guys from The Hixon are the coolest ever and their band rules! You should definitely check them out! All the metal bands that night were great and of course I ended up passed out in The Hixon drummers car by the end of the night! Also a big thank you to everybody who has been coming out to the Killers Of Comedy shows! The shows have been amazing and it's been great hanging with all the fans, and it never gets old hanging out with Beetlejuice on the weekends too! I've been fortunate to have been involved in some really cool projects lately, back in May I flew to Missouri to play the part of Caleb in the horror movie Albino Farm. I'm a huge horror movie fan so this was an amazing experience for me. Everybody on the set was really nice and the movie is going to be amazing! I had about three hours worth of special effects makeup done on me which was really cool looking! The director Sean McEwan is a really cool guy and it was awesome talking metal and hanging out with another star of the movie, Chris Jericho. I also did a small part on the TV show Rescue Me recently playing Drunk Guy At The End Of The Bar! This is the role I was born to play! Everybody on the set was really nice and they were all huge Stern fans which was really cool. I also recently did voices for four different characters for an episode of the awesome heavy metal Cartoon Network cartoon Metalocalypse. Tommy Blacha, one of the show's creators contacted me about doing voices for the show and he's a super cool guy and a true metalhead! I had a blast doing it and I can't wait to see the finished result!

I saw Coheed and Cambria last Sunday and they were absolutely amazing! I'm really pumped that Chris Pennie is drumming for them; he's a phenomenal drummer and a super cool guy. Their new album is going to rule! I also saw a really funny movie yesterday called King Of Kong, it's a documentary about the World Champion Donkey Kong Player and it's hilarious! I'm also getting really excited because it's nearing the Halloween season, my favorite time of the year! My girlfriend and I are traveling all around the country in September and October to visit different haunted houses which I'm so psyched about! So Happy Early Halloween everybody! Take Care!

-Richard Christy

July 18, 2007
Richard Hosting Metal Bash!!!

Hey Everybody, I'm hosting a Heavy Metal Bash called Hixon Fest on July 28th in Bellmawr, NJ at a bar called The Pennant East. Come hang out and enjoy some great metal bands! Go to for more info. Hope to see you there!

-Richard Christy

June 15, 2007

Howdy everyone, I just wanted to let everybody know a few things that I've been up to lately. First off, I wanna thank everybody who came to the screening of my 1995 movie Evil Ned 3 in New York City at the Two Boots Theater! I also want to thank Ray Privett from Two Boots for making the screening possible. It was a blast and it inspired me to put EVIL NED III on YouTube for everybody to enjoy. I had to put the movie up in 5 parts because there's a ten minute limit for YouTube vids and if anybody out there makes it through all five parts I gotta hand it to you because this movie is about as low budget and badly acted as they come! But it is funny though, I think anyway, and if you're into stupid, sophomoric, drunken humor then you'll probably like it! I play the part of the monster Skullfuck in the film so that right there tells you where the films intelligence level is! Here's a funny review of Evil Ned 3 on a Zombie Movie Website called

Story: An evil monster who was once human rises from the grave as an even more evil monster zombie. He launches a plan to take over the world under the control of his master. The monster zombie plans to use ancient underwear, feces, and evil ducks to accomplish his mission. It's up to a superhero to stop him.

Running Time: 45 Minutes

User comments: Hilariously Awful Oh man, this is one of those really god awful SOV that some Camcorder Coppola thought would be a good idea at the time. Now, admiteddly, I did enjoy the film. It is horribly bad in many ways, but it still turned out to be a lot of fun. Everything is so damn cheap in here that you can't help but laugh. Skullfuck is obviously a store-bought mask. The ducks are nothing more than decoys. The superhero has a guy flipping his cape as he flies. You can actually see the hand moving it. With this much cinematic incompetence though, you can't help but laugh at this stuff. by: Verhoskan

I love that review! Here's a link to that review on the web:

Also, I want to thank everybody who's been coming out to the Killers of Comedy shows that I've been a part of! We're having a blast on the road and a big thank you to all the fans who've come to see us! We have some great shows coming up too, like tomorrow night at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey and July 4th at the House of Blues in Atlantic City. You can check my website for dates and also the calendar on my myspace page has all of my standup comedy dates. Hope to see you there! I did something really fun for Memorial Day this year too, I was cast in a horror movie called Albino Farm and I played a crazy religious redneck! The film company flew me to Missouri and I even got to have 3 hours worth of special makeup effects applied to me! I'm so excited because I'm a huge horror fan and I've always dreamed of being in a horror movie. This movie is going to be scary as hell and I can't wait to see the finished product! I wanna thank the director Sean McEwan and the whole cast and crew of the movie for being so awesome, I had a blast! I'm not sure when it's being released but if you're into horror movies you should definitely check it out! There's a cool article about Albino Farm on the front page of right now. Here's a link to the article:

I also want to thank everybody who's listening to Sirius Satellite Radio and The Howard Stern Show, we're having a blast and the show's better than ever, if you don't have Sirius yet then I would highly recommend it! Also, thanks to everybody who listened to my show on Hard Attack Sirius 27 called Richard Christy's Heavy Metal Hoedown, I got tons of great feedback about the show so thanks to everybody who listened and banged their head to it! Hopefully I'll be doing another show on Hard Attack sometime soon! Well, its Beer-Thirty on Friday afternoon and I'm off to the Yankees vs. Mets game so I gotta run, thanks to everyone who's emailed me and I'll talk to you soon!

-Richard Christy

May 16, 2007
Richard Christy's "EVIL NED 3 - THE RETURN OF EVIL NED 2 - ELECTRIC BOOGALOO" Directorial Film Debut

Hi everybody, I'm really excited because on Saturday, June 2nd at The Two Boots Pioneer Theater in New York City, my directorial film debut "Evil Ned 3 - The Return of Evil Ned 2 - Electric Boogaloo" is being shown as part of a double feature along with the horror classic "Evil Dead"! I made Evil Ned when I lived in Springfield, Missouri in 1995 and I have to warn you beforehand, I had no idea what in the hell I was doing! But for all of its technical flaws there are many crazy things in this film that will make you either laugh or cry! This film was made for about 250 dollars, 200 of which was spent on beer, and it is the epitome of low budget! If you're into beer, dirty magazines, huge hog testicles, gay monsters, Amish Erotica, and evil talking ducks, then you'll love this movie! The Screening starts at 11 pm and I hope to see you all there! Here's a link to info about the theater and to buy tickets:

Hope to see you there!

-Richard Christy

April 23, 2007
Richard Christy's Heavy Metal Hoedown on Sirius Radio

Hey there, in case you missed my Metal Show - Richard Christy's Heavy Metal Hoedown on Sirius Hard Attack Channel 27, it's replaying Sunday April 22 at 5pm, Tuesday April 24 at 12 am, and Friday April 27th at 9 pm. It's over 2 and a half hours of pure metal, classic and new, with my stories from years of touring in Metal bands.

I also have several comedy shows coming up with the Killers of Comedy-Richard Christy, Sal the Stockbroker, Reverend Bob Levy, Beetlejuice, Shuli, and others! You can check my comedy dates page for more info.

January 31, 2007
Show cancelation

Hey Everybody, Richard here. I'm sorry but I will not be able to do the Friday, February 16th comedy show at Ram's Head Live in Baltimore. I apologize but a recent opportunity has come up and there is a scheduling conflict with that date. I'm sorry that I won't be able to make it because I had such an amazing time at our show in Baltimore in 2005. Thanks and Take Care.

October 16, 2006
Richard Christy Interviewd by

Check out the new interview with Richard Christy on

October 9, 2006
Richard Christy Bandwidth Limitations

Due to Bandwidth Limitations we've uploaded the Mike Portnoy/Richard Christy drum solo to You can view the performance here or at

September 28, 2006
Richard Christy & Mike Portnoy Drum Solo

I'm so honored to have been invited to play a drum solo with one of my all time favorite drummers Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater. I was so nervous because not only was the show in front of a huge crowd at Jones Beach Ampitheater in Long Island, New York, but also sitting next to me would be a true drumming legend! I met up with Mike before read more & see video...

September 23, 2006
Richard Christy's New Website!

Richard Christy Bio PicHey everybody, Richard here. Well as you can see my new updated website is finally online. I've been really busy with work but I finally found the time to put together some new songs, my stand up comedy Dates, and various other goodies. I'll be doing comedy shows throughout the fall and winter so make sure to check out the comedy dates page to see if I'll be doing stand up at a club near you! I hope you enjoy it. I'll be checking back here often and you can contact me through my email or on my official myspace page. Thanks and Take Care!

I'm working on editing my last film "Majestic Loincloth". I filmed it over two years ago and I think it's a very funny film with some great metal music. I hope to have it finished early next year and I plan on posting either parts of the film or the whole film here on my website.

I'm also writing tons of music right now and I hope to record an album with a good friend of mine Jason Suecof from Audiohammer Studios in the near future. We've written several great songs together and I would love to put out an album of our music maybe sometime next year. I would describe the music as heavy and super melodic with amazing guitar harmonies and leads.

Before I moved to New York in 2004 Burning Inside recorded seven or eight amazing songs that are still unreleased. I would love to see these songs come out as a new Burning Inside album sometime in the near future. There is a new Burning Inside song on the Burning Inside page.

-Richard Christy

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