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Studio Drum Tour for Charred Walls Of The Damned 'Cold Winds On Timeless Days' album


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ddrum artist Richard Christy of Charred Walls of the Damned interview, courtesy of

Richard Christy's set up @ The Hit Factory Criteria Studios


Richard Christy discusses & demonstrates New Gear for the CHARRED WALLS OF THE DAMNED 2010 Tour, courtesy of

Richard Christy Drum Solo From Audiohammer Studios 2004, courtesy of

I'm so honored to have been invited to play a drum solo with one of my all time favorite drummers Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater. I was so nervous because not only was the show in front of a huge crowd at Jones Beach Ampitheater in Long Island, New York, but also sitting next to me would be a true drumming legend! I met up with Mike before the show and we hung out on his bus and mapped out our drum solo. The solo went really well and I had a blast ripping it up with Mike on his massive drum kit! I have video footage of the solo that I'm currently formatting for web viewing, until then check out the pictures.

Richard Christy with Mike Portnoy of DREAM THEATER

Richard's Double Bass Speed and Endurance Tip:

I built up my foot stamina and speed by using a timer and a metronome combined with 20 pound ankle weights (10 pounds apiece). I would set the timer for 20 minutes and I would set the metronome at the highest comfortable speed that I could play consistent double bass at, usually around 200 beats per minute. I would then play double bass for a minute straight at that speed and every minute after that I would increase the metronome speed by 5 beats per minute until I couldn't play anymore, usually 10 to 15 minutes straight. Then I would take the ankle weights off and practice to Morbid Angel, Death, Malevolent Creation and other super fast bands that would help build up my foot speed by practicing to them.

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