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Richard Christy was in LEASH LAW 2003-2004
Richard Christy: drums
Wade Black: vocals
Rick Renstrom: guitars
Emo Mowery: guitars
Stephen Elder: bass

MP3s Samples
Paving the Way (MP3 format)


1. Fight
2. Dogface
3. Stealing Grace
4. Hail To Blood
5. Banion
6. Better Than Betrayed
7. Martial Law
8. Hellhole
9. Paving The Way


LEASH LAW History:
Leash Law was founded by vocalist Wade Black (Crimson Glory/Seven Witches/Tiwanaku) and guitarist Rick Renstrom (solo/Rob Rock/Tiwanaku) early in 2003 in Orlando, Florida. Soon after, Emo Mowery (Nocturnus/Tiwanaku) joined on rhythm guitar, Stephen Elder (Rob Rock) joined on bass and Richard Christy (Death/Control Denied/Iced Earth/Tiwanaku,Burning Inside) joined on drums. They released the album Dogface on Black Lotus Records in 2004.


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