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Richard Christy: Drums & Keyboards
Steve Childers: Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Mike Este: Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Jamie Prim: Vocals & Bass

This MP3 is a demos samples from Burning Inside's 3rd unreleased album! Enjoy...
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Humanity Forsaken (MP3 format)
Burning Inside recorded a Mercyful Fate song callled "Evil" with special guest vocalist B.C. Richards. It was put on a tribute album called "Curse of the Demon".
Evil (MP3 format)


Burning Inside
year - 2007

Year - 2001
1. The Last Sound
2. Humanity Forsaken (MP3 format 500KB)
3. River of Blood
4. A Darkened Room
5. Regenerate
6. Overcast Of My Inner Self
  1. Therapy (MP3 format 5.7MB)
2. Carnage Remains
3. The Fog
4. Disembodied Souls
5. Resurrection And Revenge
6. Gates Of Hell (MP3 format 6.2MB)
7. Apparition
8. Subject To Threat
9. The Collective
10. Within The Walls

The Eve Of The Entities
year - 2000
1. Words Of Wyndham (intro)
2. The Eve Of The Entities (MP3 format 6MB)
3. My Own
4. The Unknown
5. Masque
6. Engulfed In Flames
7. The Valley Of Unrest
8. Blind To All That Exist
9. Chapters Of Youth
10. Drained Of Essenc
11. Everlasting Sleep

Burning Inside History:
Burning Inside was formed in the Winter of 1995 by Richard Christy (drums and keyboards), and Steve Childers (guitar), in Springfield, Missouri. Richard and Steve played together previously in a band called Public Assassin, but left to form Burning Inside because they wanted to make faster and more technical music. Next bass player/singer Jamie Prim joined the band and Burning Inside recorded a demo which was very well received by the underground. Michael Estes (who was in a band with Jamie beforehand) , after hearing the unique sound of Burning Inside, auditioned and become Burning Inside's second guitarist. With Mike's help the band moved to Florida in the spring of 1996. Since the beginning, Burning Inside's goal was to have their own sound, super heavy and technical, yet melodic. Burning Inside's debut "The Eve Of The Entities" was released by Still Dead Productions in the late 1990's and their second album "Apparition" was released by Crash Music in 2001.

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